how to make money online as a 12 year old

This is a forum chat on the A5 forum. The guest is a senior webmaster. I feel that there is a lot of learning. I will sort it out for everyone to see. Taobao is the person who helps Taobao sellers to promote products and get commissions according to the effect of the transaction ( It can be an individual or a website), formerly known as Taoke, since January 12, 2009, it has been officially renamed Taobaoke. As long as you get the promotion link of Taobao products, let buyers enter the Taobao store through your promotion link to purchase the goods and confirm the payment, you can earn the commission paid by the seller, no cost, no risk, and the highest commission reaches the transaction volume of the product 50%. The term Taobao is believed to be familiar to many webmasters, but not evhow to make money online as a 12 year olderyone is a successful Taobao. This Thursday A5 version of the chat activity will invite Taobao masters to share Taobao's profitability skills. If you are also a Taobao, if you are interested in this topic, welcome to join our discussion.

"Is Qutoutiao making money real? Is it risky to make money? Qutoutiao is real and fake. Is it risky to make money? Qutoutiao is a new generation of content information platform. The software uses big data algorithms and cloud computing. And other technologies to provide users with interesting and valuable personalized content and services, but many people question whether Qutoutiao is really making money? Is there any risk that Qutoutiao can really make money in 2017?

And what I like and I am good at is blogging, free Baidu cloud account, I don’t do QQ promotion, forum promotion, I just post for external chain, many people have their own unique promotion model, and more people make money than me I have to go, but I do online earning just to write a blog. I only like this. I introduce the project in the article, evaluate the project, brag B, I can still earn five or six thousand a month, many people are looking for projects, in fact My blog itself is a project, but many people ignore it.

5. We are all newbies. You can search on Baidu for "How newbies use the Internet to make money, how can Internet newbies use the Internet to make money" are all newbie projects. My article itself is also a selection function, not all people are suitable for making money online. Smart people pay attention to details that others cannot see.

I have enthusiasm and sensitivity for games, as well as superb game understanding ability. Have a deep understanding of the game industry, see which games can play coins, and which ones will be titled easily. A child who has economic foundation, can afford N computers, (depending on the scale you want to open, at least four or five computers), can afford electricity, can help you be a thug, manual coin and power leveling , Usually middle school students who cannot go to university. A friend born in technology can help you get a computer, change IP and other low-level jobs. In the later stage, you can quickly respond to game updates, develop, and at the very least, also have the ability to discriminate against purchased ones. There is considerable start-up capital, and many games have to pass the threshold of the first charge. Only when the uu cloud coding platform is profitable.

Conclusion: It's getting harder and harder to make money: If you are still confused about making money again, then you can really try projects that make money for free. You know that projects like those that make money for free are usually more reliable than those that make money. By doing such free money-making projects, you can not only make money, but also get the most income. What's wrong with this? This is a free platform for making money that I recommend to you. It is definitely more reliable and easier than other tasks, that is to say, playing games every day without delaying other things. Therefore, everyone should click on the link above to register for a Bengbeng.com account so that you can play games in it every day and make mohow to make money online as a 12 year oldney for free. It is not good?

If you have time, you can use your WeChat account to follow Baidu Zhongce’s WeChat official account and China Wangzhuan Forum. Then, if you have time, you can directly enter Baidu Zhongce’s WeChat official account to do tasks. There are many types of tasks, such as doing Investigation tasks, quick judgment tasks... etc. are all possible. These tasks can be done at any time, as long as you have the Internet, mobile phone, and WeChat account to make money.

There is no doubt that for a foreseeable period, playing games to make money is still the mainstream, and it is still the main push project of major general promoters. The advantage of this kind of project recommendation is that the project itself is easy to get started, and you can let novices just click the mouse. Advertising, sign up for an advertisement, play games, and hit the verification code to receive money. This is a big reward for them, so the real-time performance is good. However, the durability and stickiness of this kind of project is average, and few people can persist in doing it. According to experience, the average income of a recommended person is about 4 yuan. This number is of course also related to your promotion channels.

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