how to make money selling younique

You might say that WeChat should make money a few years ago. Ma Ge tells you that many people did make money in the past few years, which is in line with the law of the new phenomenon. Don't always set limits for yourself and think that there is no chance. For newly emerging industries (such as self-media, micro-business), there will be a period of loopholes (using platform loopholes, imperfect rules, etc. to make money), then there will be a period of dividends (staking the land), and then a period of precipitation ( Since then, it has entered a healthy development).

The third point: Because there are so many platforms, we have to compare and see which platforms have higher reward points. For the same game, the rewards for reaching the same level on different platforms are different, so we have to Choose some platforms with high rewards to try out the game, so that you can get the most profit.

In addition, if you want to get the chance to win the lottery, you have to bind your mobile phone and verify your email. The steps are very simple. I don’t know why I can’t receive emails using Aliyun email. I switch to QQ email and receive it in seconds. a bit.

In fact, the high commission alliance is really a very good rebate software, his rebate can be much more than other software. There is also that you can use the high commission alliance to rebate when you buy things on Tmall, Pinduoduo, Taobao, and Jingdong, which is more efficient than other platforms. So the high commission alliance is really a very good rebate software.

The task bond is paid by everyone. You don’t have to worry about being deceived, because the mission deposit is a deposit system. Happy earning members need to pay a certain amount of U coins (1 U coins = 1 yuan) as the mission deposit when they do tasks in the advertising hall, which can be recharged Obtained, when the member completes the task or completes the task, the deposit will be automatically returned to the member's Happy Earn account in real time by drilling coins, he is the one, reminding you to complete the task in time, you give me a trust, and I return you A sincere. 1U coin = 1 yuan, U coin can be obtained by top-up on the advertising experience page. After the task is completed, the diamond coin will be returned to the member account. The member can select the silver ticket withdrawal on the [Personal Center-I Want to Withdraw] page.

Experts reminded, “Each Taobao shopkeeper differs according to the product, how Taobao is marketed, and Taoke’s promotion commission varies, generally between 5% and 15%. If you encounter a situation where the commission is above 50%, you should be cautious. Choose the owner to prevent being fooled."

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