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A certain XX source keyword is difficult, but it is still within the operating range of a personal website. Moreover, many similar industries have low attention, their peers are not directly aggressive, and industry demand is stable. After the ranking is


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Taobao customers are actually people who get commissions by promoting the products of other peoples stores and facilitating transactions. In the past few years, he mostly promoted single products through communication platforms such as blogs, forums, and


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Similar to purchasing, but Taobao is actually much more difficult than purchasing. Although Taobao only needs to take a photo with an ID card to open a store, the exposure is too low and publicity is a big problem.Those who are truly capable of hands-on s


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There is a negative example, that is, a young man in our hometown. He has low academic qualifications and is a junior college student. Compared with many college students now, his advantage is much worse, but he wins because he dares to do it.So I told he


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This is mainly because 20,000 yuan is actually difficult for most ordinary people to earn in one month. To be fair, at present, almost 90% of groups in China have not been able to achieve this income, but 2 Ten thousand dollars is not really beyond the re